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Icons featuring images from Episodes 1 - 3.


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Lucy discusses her feelings and hopes for Aria and Ezra!

Notable Interview Quotes:

"Coming from how I'm going to play the character, I look at it like there are genuine feelings." - Lucy

"It's actually like real love - I feel like it is. I'm really hoping they can just stick it out till she gets to be of the legal age." -Lucy


A small collection of Behind the Scenes photos featuring Ian and Lucy on the set.


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Episode 10: Promos, Stills and Sneak Peeks

Find Sneak Peeks and Stills below the cut.

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Below the cut find a snip-it of an interview that Lucy Hale did with Ryan Seacrest. She discusses Aria's relationship with Ezra.

WARNING: There a spoiler about 'A' at the end.

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Here are some promos for tomorrow's episode. Below the cut find sneak peek episode clips and photo stills (for those who like to be spoiled little liars)

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According to Futon Critic ABC FAMILY was the number 1 cable network among "Females 18-49 and Key 18-34 and 12-34 Demos, and Ranks No. 2 in Female Teens" thanks in part to Pretty Little Liars!!!

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Zap 2 it had a preview and 2 sneak peek videos of next week's episode:

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